A Typical Project

To go from project concept through assessment and finally to an operating project, One Energy generally uses the following steps:

Site Tour

On-site generation wind is a new concept that uses proven technology – and in some cases, customers must truly “see it to believe it.” One Energy believes in the importance of demonstrating the power of onsite generation, and we invite all potential customers to visit one of our installations to experience “wind for industry” firsthand.

Initial Site Evaluation

An Initial Site Evaluation is the only way to know if wind is right for your company. Our thorough written evaluation is based on customer goals and is complimentary for companies that consume more than 3 million kWh of electricity annually.

Components of the Initial Site Evaluation include:
  • Legal compliance assessment
  • Screening for FAA local and state permitting requirements
  • ROI financial analysis using typical costs and regional wind data
  • Conceptual site location drawings and constraint modeling
  • Risk assessment and recommendations
  • Fatal flaw analysis 
  • Development of likely project scenarios 

Detailed Site Feasibility Study

Following positive feedback from the Initial Site Evaluation, we recommend completing a Detailed Site Feasibility Study – an auditable report that provides professional recommendations for a wind turbine installation. The Initial Site Evaluation determines whether wind is possible at your site, the Detailed Site Feasibility Study provides clients with a shovel-ready project, including the analysis and data needed to make a final investment decision in a certified and auditable format.

This is a risk mitigation step where all assumptions are verified and the majority of all risks are removed, prior to making a final commitment.

Components of the Detailed Site Feasibility Study include:
  • Project development and engineering
  • Site and electrical drawings
  • Interconnection analysis and permitting
  • Local, state and federal permitting
  • Auditable shadow flicker, ice throw, sound, wake loss and climate profile studies
  • Project-specific costing
  • Site-specific revenue grade wind analysis
  • Final project schedule, contract, and development costs 

Project Delivery

One Energy manages all details and services to execute a project contract – and it is our responsibility to resolve any challenges or problems that arise. When complete, our team will hand your company the keys to a functioning wind turbine project.

Ongoing Support

One Energy provides additional support services well after project installation. We review the ongoing performance of the plant, assist clients in selecting service contracts to cover routine maintenance, and our team is always just a phone call away. One Energy is committed to providing any additional assistance or consultation our customers require.

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